China International Education Development, with over 10 years' experience and a team
of Chinese and foreign professionals, welcomes you to the “Land of The Red Dragon”.

Our mission is to promote Chinese culture and contribute to the development of relations
between China and foreign countries. We have established relations and settled offices in
USA, France, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Our company developed steadily year after year, achieving outstanding results in the fields of
education, training and intercultural exchange and becoming a very important platform for
international exchange all over the world.

We promote cultural, educational, artistic, entertainment and business exchange, we offer
many different services, including:

- Chinese language online video courses as well as one on one private lessons;

- Chinese cooking video lessons;

- Art and cultural exchange planning;

- Educational exchange planning;

- “How to do business in and with China” consultancy;

- Assistance for foreign companies and professionals in China;

- Consulting for contacts with agencies and Chinese companies;

- Providing legal advice;

- Arrange visas, licences, work or residency permits or help you to obtain them;

- Providing medical and insurance advice;

- Providing translation, interpreter;

- Assisting foreign students to enroll in Chinese schools or universities;

- Providing psychological consultancy services;

- Assisting foreigners interested in finding a job in China.
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