China International Education Development creates opportunities that bring people
together, facilitates exchange and promotes understanding. We specialize in organizing
international events, including academic, cultural, artistic and education exchanges and
conferences, we promote the exchange of ideas and experiences between people and
between governments by planning several types of events, including cultural festivals,
business meetings, exhibitions and concerts.
The First International Teenage Photography
The Concert of Dreaming Europe
The China-USA Academic Seminar
Cultural Festival in Alishan, Taiwan
China International Education Development successfully held the “2013 First
International Youth Photography Exhibition”. The works for this event started in early
2013,the exhibition encouraged young teenagers’ from all over the world to participate
and won widespread attention from many different countries. After 6 months of
meticulous organization and thanks to the support of many international sponsors, by the
end of June 2013 the exhibition committee collected over a thousand photographic works
of teenagers’ coming from many different countries, including the U.S.A., Canada,
Russia, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Hungary, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Sri Lanka, Nepal, Macedonia, Ethiopia, India, Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan. We selected
more than 200 artistic works to be presented in the exhibition.

As scheduled, “2013 First International Youth Photography Exhibition” was held on July
17, 2013. The photographic exhibition attracted unprecedented interest on an
international scale, many several foreign and the Chinese media reported the news of this

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Media Reporting News of the Exhibition  / CCTV news
Visitors During the Exhibition
If you are interested in organizing cultural, education and artistic exchanges with China,
if you want to organize cultural events in your country hosting Chinese traditional arts
groups, if you want to plan academic and business conferences, please contact us, we
have over 10 years’ experience in fields of event and exchange planning. We provide the
most comprehensive lineup of exchange programs and service available. We assemble
the greatest resources and the most experienced and passionate staff. If you have any
questions about us and our services, please leave a message
Chinese and International Media During the Exhibition

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