The Qingming scroll is a hand scroll measuring 25.5 centimeters in height and stretching
5.25 meters in length and it is one of the most famous painted scrolls in China. It is a
panoramic painting generally attributed to the Song Dynasty artist Zhang Zeduan (張擇端,
1085–1145).  There are many versions of the painting by later artists, one of this is Zhao
Mengfu (赵孟頫1254–1322), Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).

This painting captures the daily life of people from the Song period at the capital, Bianjing
(today’s Kaifeng, in Henan), depicting the beautiful natural landscapes at both sides of Bian

It is thought the painter was commissioned by an emperor to capture the prosperous life of
China under his rule. The emperor wanted to show the beauty of the Song Dynasty at all
levels and lifestyles along the river.

This scr
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