China International Education Development offers students, professionals and educators
the most comprehensive, relevant and valuable exchange programs. We can plan
education exchange and training programs, both in China, where we have settled many
training centers, and abroad. Every year during the winter and summer vacation we
organize study abroad programs for students and teach abroad programs for teachers
and educators.

We give students, teachers, and young professionals from across the world skills that
make them active and responsible global citizens.
English National Contest
Singapore Young Arts Team Performance
International Teacher’s Training Seminar
The Activity of I Make Friends in the World
Singapore training base

China International Education Development’s “Singapore training center” operates during
winter and summer vacations, it specializes in organizing activities for students and
training seminars for groups of teachers within Singapore’s most famous schools and
universities. This center is a very important platform for both Chinese and International
students and teachers, it fosters the development of understanding and mutual respect
between communities and nations by promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences.
If your school or company is interested in planning education exchanges and cultural
activities within Chinese schools or universities, if you want to start a long-term partner
relationship with a Chinese school, university or education center, please contact us, we
will find the solutions which best suit your needs. Leave a message
Singapore Training Base
Our international education exchange activities

China International Education Development every year welcomes in its education centers
students, teachers and educators from both China and foreign countries. Our passionate
staff specializes in organizing several types of educational activities which give people the
chance to better understand China. Our centers are a very important platform for
exchange and mutual understanding.
Our international education bases in China
International Education Development Ltd;

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