We cordially invite you to attend one of our Free introductory lessons!

In this day and age, competition in the job market is intense and languages are a key skill to have to differentiate yourself from other candidates and be able to obtain the job of your dreams.

With the explosive growth China has experienced over the last decade, more and more international companies are searching for candidates proficient in Mandarin.

We want to help you learn and improve your mandarin level not only to broaden your professional skills but also to allow you to learn more about Chinese culture and its language.

We offer private mandarin lessons with professional Mandarin teachers that will prepare a specialized course to match each students’ needs. No matter if you want to study to prepare for a new job or if you are simply interested in Chinese culture and language, we can prepare a specialized course for you.

Please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your spots for our free introductory lesson. This offer is only available until February 20th 2019 (12:00am Central Standard Time), so don’t miss out on this opportunity!