Chinese Cooking Video Course

This Video course, which consists of 10 video tutorials, is designed to introduce you to Chinese traditional cooking. Learn how to prepare world famous traditional Chinese cuisine from the comfort of your own home. Learn about a new culture while learning how to prepare delicious Chinese food for your friends and family.

Take a look at the topics of our 10 lessons: based on your preferences, you can decide whether to watch the entire course or to choose the lessons you are most interested in. 

To purchase a video lesson simply click on the video player at the bottom of this page and choose the video you wish to watch. After registration and payment, the video will be available.  Lesson number 1 is completely free, the rest of our cooking lessons are are $1 each.

Important Notice: Once payment is made, the selected video will be available for streaming for a period of two hours, after that it will expire. Please make sure you are ready to watch the video when payment is made. Videos will not be available for download and should only be used for personal purposes.