A new way of teaching Mandarin Chinese to students:
                         Focus on Oral Chinese

China International Education Development specializes in teaching Mandarin Chinese
(Putonghua) as a second or foreign language. Our teaching program is specifically
designed for non-native speakers: based on the level of our students, we provide
beginner, intermediate and advanced Mandrin Chinese classes. We have an excellent
team of Chinese native teachers who after years of research developed a specific “goal
oriented” language course.  Our teaching program concentrates the most effective
teaching methods giving our students the chance to make faster progress and to
command daily life Chinese in a very short time.

Our approach is based on over 10 years’ experience in applied linguistic research and
teaching, it integrates the old teaching methods only based on reading and writing with a
new more dynamic and interactive way of learning:
focus on speaking and oral communication.

All the lessons our teachers provide feature real-world context and flexible vocabulary,
enabling the students not only to learn and improve Mandarin Chinese in a fluid and
natural way, but also to understand correctly Chinese culture, Chinese habits and
customs, Chinese history and philosophy.
This is the most effective way to learn Chinese, understand China and be able to create
business and career links with China in the future.

Our teaching program is also specifically designed to give the students the opportunity to
successfully achieve the
HKC TEST (Oral Chinese Proficiency Test/汉语口语水平
, the standard referenced test based on actual needs to communicate. This test
integrates Chinese culture and focuses on practical daily situations, testing the oral
Chinese level of students.

From today you can start learning Mandarin Chinese from our professional and
competent Chinese teachers directly in the comfort of your own home! You can choose
between our
Online Video Course and our One on One Private Lessons. Choose the
schedule which best suits your needs and, if you have any questions, leave a message
International Education Development Ltd;

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