This Video course, which consists in 15 video tutorials, is designed to introduce beginner
level students to the study of Chinese: you will learn to command Pinyin, primary grammar
and all primary social abilities which you can use with ease in daily life within a short time.

The Free Documentary:
Just Like Back Home---------Foreigner in Tianjin

Lesson N.1
: “Nice to meet you!”Self-introduction

Lesson N.2:
“Will you give me a Chinese name?” First Communication vocabulary (part 1)

Lesson N.3:
“What class do you have today?” First communication vocabulary (part 2)

Lesson N.4:
“Let’s get to know each other!” Learn to talk about the age and the family

Lesson N.5:
“What day is it today?” Learn to talk about the time

Lesson N.6:
“When shall we meet tomorrow?” Learn how to arrange a meeting with friends

Lesson N.7:
“Where have you been?” Beijing Opera related topics and vocabulary

Lesson N.8:
“How much altogether?” Learn how to communicate in a shopping

Lesson N.9:
“Do you have shredded pork?” Learn how to order a meal in a restaurant

Lesson N.10:
“The weather is getting warmer” Weather related topics and vocabulary

Lesson N.11:
“How do I sign up for a calligraphy tutorial class?” Chinese calligraphy
related topics and vocabulary

Lesson N.12:
“Let him send you an email” Learn how to communicate during a dinner with

Lesson N.13:
“Excuse me, how do I get to the movie theater?” Cinema related topics and

Lesson N.14:
“I am asking for leave on behalf of him” Useful vocabulary in case of illness

Lesson N.15:
“Give me some advice on where I should travel” Travel related topics and
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